British White Semen Straws For Sale Australia

Vale Hill is an active member of the British White Cattle Society of Australia.
All sires have been approved and registered with the British White Cattle Society of Australia.


We have gained exclusive rights to supply semen from four high grade bulls from both the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

For the availability of British White semen straws in Australia contact Chris Malden.

Find out breed, pedigree and ordering information for each bull on their individual pages.

Order Form and Price List
JWest's Doc

JWest’s W.W. Doc (USA)

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Halliburton Colonel Jnr 66 X (USA)

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Smarden Trident

Smarden Trident (UK)

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Vale Hill Farm Biscotti

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Smarden Lehar

Smarden Lehar (UK)