Medler Fruit Nearly Ready

We started planting the orchards in the paddocks surrounding the house in 2006. It’s taken a lot of time and hard work, but we now have over 400 fruit trees, 80 citrus trees, a variety of berries and nuts and a large vegetable plot producing seasonal favourites such as fennel, beetroot, garlic and artichokes. This […]

Hello Sunshine

Sunday morning at Vale Hill, Smeaton, 5 new half brothers & sisters soaking up some morning sunshine. Progeny are from a purebred British White bull, Colonel Jnr 66X, Texas USA.

Vale Hill House

Vale Hill farm is split over two locations. The orchards and vegetable plots are located at Vale Hill, Ullina while the cattle and sheep are just down the road at Woodhouse Hill. We brought Vale Hill in 2005 which included the ruins of the original 1860’s homestead. After a massive building project, we restored the old […]

Spring is here

Spring is transforming the orchards at Vale Hill farm! These Apricot trees will be full of fruit by December/January, ready for some sweet summer desserts at The Argus