Halliburton Colonel Jr. has impeccable pedigree. His calves qualify for American Fullblood when they are the result of mating him to a purebred British White cow with at least 4 generations of purebred ancestry. He is also a complete outcross to our Doc bull and we believe is an excellent bull to breed to Doc sired females.

For the availability of Colonels semen in Australia contact Chris Malden

Hallibutron Colonel Jr family tree


Breed:  British White
DOB: 12/02/2010
Tattoo:   LE: HF 66X
4th Generation PB

DNA Parentage Conf
60 Chromosomes Pos

28 February 2013 – Colonel winter feeding.

Picture was taken on February 26, 2013 in one of the corrals close to home. We have a few cows that are getting close to calving and it will be a little easier to keep an eye on them in this pasture. Above bull is Colonel Jr and we are well pleased with how well he has maintained his condition through the winter.

December 2012 – Colonel Jnr and female

Colonel Jr and one of his girls resting in the sun on a cool day. Their winter pasture is not very green but they seem to be doing ok on it with a little extra daily supplement.

November 2012 – Colonel Jnr

Colonel Jr is growing into a really nice looking well developed bull. We will be glad when next spring arrives to see a few more of his calves. He is real gentle and inquisitive but we prefer to not pet him in the pasture because some family members are not comfortable unless a bull stays a few feet away.

October 2012 – Colonel Jnr

This is an early morning picture of our young Herd Bull, Halliburton Colonel Jr 66X as he was coming out of his favorite bedding down place. The cattle seem to always prefer a grove of trees over a barn for their overnights. Colonel Jr is developing into a really fine looking bull and I am looking forward to a few more calves next spring. We have semen for sale both USA and Export.

30 August 2012

Our first and only calf so far by Colonel Jr. Picture was taken about 645am 8/29/12, calf was born 3/13/12. His sire, Colonel Jr. is in background. This calf appears to have plenty of meat and muscle at this young age.

21 June 2012

Halliburton Colonel Jr 66X enjoying some of his favorite forage about 6:30 am on June 20, 2012. Yes, that is a pecan tree and he is standing belly deep in what i would think is adequate grass for any bovine. Just goes to show how much I know about it.