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JWest's Doc


Breed:  British White
DOB: 08/29/2004
Tattoo:   JW 34P
4th Generation PB

BW  70 lbs
WW 490 lbs
YW  614

Mature Wt 2100 + or –
Mature Ht 56.5 inches
Mature SC 42 cm

DNA Parentage Conf
60 Chromosomes Pos

24 January 2013 – 3 Doc sired females

These Doc sired females look good even in the dead of winter. We are real happy with their thickness. Of these three I would pick the one in the middle over the others because in my opinion she exhibits more straight lines with the legs more on the corners and going straight to the ground. One in front is a little bigger but I don’t like her leg structure quite as well. Hard to see the one in back but looks like she has white eye lashes that I do not like. They are all deep and thick bodied easy keeping kind of cows.

02 February 2012

Our herd of 12 Doc sired cows on a warm day in January 2012. We do not have any grass growth yet but are still enjoying a very mild winter and the cows are managing to get by pretty good on 4 pounds of 20% range cubes fed on an every other day basis. Sure hope this weather holds for about 30 more days and we will believe it is nearly spring and the grass will start to grow. We have had good rains recently, pomds are finally full and ground seems to be well soaked.

 29 December 2011

We turned our herd of Doc sired cows in on a fresh pasture a few days ago. It looks green but not much there except a little short and watery winter grass. They seem to be enjoyinmg it and have actually picked up a little condition on it after living through our texas sized drought this past year.

25 August 2011

JWest’s W W Doc in June 2011, even then it was extremely hot and getting dry by the day. Now after about 50 days of over 100 degrees it is still hot and dry. These British White cattle are definitely much tougher than some of us because they are still doing ok and on brown grass and protein tubs.

16 June 2011

This picture was taken on June 15, 2011 about 7:30 am of our senior herd sire, JWest’s W W Doc. He has been out with the cows about 30 days. Doc has done an excellent job for us and several other breeders. Almost 100% all standard marked calves and easy calving. Has 112 calves recorded in 13 herds with an average birth weight of 72 pounds.

20 January 2011, Up Close & Personal

This is an upclose shot of our British White Herd Bull, JWest’ W W Doc and he does like to get up close and personal. Will stand all day for even a rank stranger to scratch and pet on him. He probably still remembers all the spoiling he got while residing with Ms Jimmie West down near Colmesneil, Texas, That ther’s down deep Southeast texas way. I swear her cattle get better care than my Grandkids. Doc has done a super job for us, best we have ever had.

2010 – Doc calf

One of our 2010 Doc sired baby calves, a young heifer. This is the kind of markings we are trying for on all of our animals and Doc has been doing the best job of any bull we have ever used. He also adds meat, muscle and good disposition in his calves. This year makes four calving seasons in a row from Doc without a single over marked calf. We have also received similar reports from other breeders who have used Doc in their A.I. program.

15 August 2010 – Doc

Halliburton Farms herd bull, JWest’s W.W. Doc in summer pasture. He has been with cow herd since late May. Can you tell if he has lost any condition? Doc is an extremely easy keeping bull, stays in this condition year round on whatever feed or pasture is available to him. This year we have had extremely hot and dry conditions with several days in the over 100 degree category.