Spring is here

Spring is transforming the orchards at Vale Hill farm!

These Apricot trees will be full of fruit by December/January, ready for some sweet summer desserts at The Argus

About The Author

Birch Estate was formed in March 2007 and comprises 330 acres on the outskirts of Smeaton. The name pays tribute to the original Birch Creek that runs through the entire property and the Birch family, one of the earliest farming settlers in Clunes/Smeaton. The farm has two locations which are approximately 2 km apart. Vale Hill House and orchard are located on the north side of on Vale Hill and the livestock are located on Woodhouse Hill. Highland cattle, British White cattle and Hampshire Down sheep are the three breeds reared on the farm. The Highland breed was chosen because of their smaller birth weight, quick growth and finishing off, ability to convert poor grazing efficiently, the quality of the beef produced and the hides.

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